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In this case study, we explore how TALENTSPOKE partnered with a Canadian health-focused SaaS technology startup to overcome significant hiring challenges and rapidly build an exceptional team of 12 initial employees within a short span of three months. Let's delve into the journey of how TALENTSPOKE played a pivotal role in their success:


A health-focused SaaS startup encountered hiring complexities as it aimed to swiftly expand its team from 3 to 15 members within three months, with limited resources and brand awareness.

TALENTSPOKE's innovative approach was chosen as it offered an end-to-end solution, including developing the employee value proposition, creating job descriptions and quickly recruiting top talent, all on a flexible subscription model.

TALENTSPOKE assembled a dedicated dream team of 12 new experts within three months, while maintaining a 98.4% positive candidate experience and achieving a 56% reduction in recruitment expenses.

TALENTSPOKE’s end-to-end recruitment solution and flexible subscription model is ideal for early stage companies in need of building out their initial team, with limited resources and no room for error.

The Recruitment Challenge

The Canadian health-focused SaaS startup had just secured vital seed funding from a group of seasoned investors.  Armed with funds and global ambitions, they were poised for rapid growth. However, with only three initial team members, they needed to expand their workforce to 15 skilled individuals within a mere three-month timeframe.


The CEO initially hesitated to engage a recruitment firm due to past costly, transactional experiences lacking customization and transparency. However, as he delved deeper into TALENTSPOKE’s unique offerings, his perspective shifted.

The CEO quickly realized that TALENTSPOKE’s recruitment engine addressed all aspects of his recruitment needs. From crafting tailored job descriptions to thorough talent evaluation, contract negotiation, reference checks, and streamlined onboarding, TALENTSPOKE provided end-to-end support. What truly set TALENTSPOKE apart was its subscription model, which proved more economical and flexible for a company at his stage, allowing seamless scaling up and down based on needs.

TALENTSPOKE’s technology streamlined the entire process, ensuring a positive candidate experience while providing valuable data and a dashboard for comprehensive recruitment insights. Furthermore, TALENTSPOKE’s expert recruitment consultants, with their nimble, entrepreneurial, and consultative approach, aligned perfectly with the company’s values. The potential for a long-term partnership and growth made it clear that TALENTSPOKE was the ideal choice.


Recognizing the urgency and gravity of the situation, the health-focused SaaS startup turned to TALENTSPOKE, an innovative recruitment firm with a proven track record of identifying top talent efficiently. Leveraging their expertise, TALENTSPOKE began crafting a tailored recruitment strategy to meet the client's specific requirements.

Building an Outstanding Team

In just three months, TALENTSPOKE succeeded in assembling a dream team of 12 initial employees, each possessing the necessary skills, passion, and dedication to drive the company’s vision forward.

Developing Talent Pipelines

TALENTSPOKE not only addressed the immediate hiring needs but also established multiple pipelines of vetted talent for future expansion. This strategic approach ensured the startup had access to a dynamic pool of candidates, streamlining future hiring efforts.

Defining Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

To attract the best talent, TALENTSPOKE collaborated with the startup to define a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that highlighted the company’s unique culture, mission, and growth opportunities. This powerful message resonated with potential candidates, driving interest and enthusiasm.

Candidate Experience Measurement

TALENTSPOKE prioritized candidate experience, continuously measuring and monitoring feedback from all interactions. The results were outstanding, with 98.4% of candidates reporting very positive experiences with TALENTSPOKE’s recruitment process.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Choosing TALENTSPOKE over traditional search firms proved to be a cost-efficient decision. The startup saved a remarkable 56% in recruitment expenses, enabling them to allocate resources to other critical areas of growth.


Through strategic planning, focused execution, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results, TALENTSPOKE played an instrumental role in helping our health-focused SaaS startup client overcome significant recruitment challenges. The startup now stands strong with an exceptional team of 15 passionate individuals. TALENTSPOKE's commitment to excellence, candidate-centric approach, and cost-efficient solutions continue to make them a trusted partner for companies seeking exceptional talent acquisition services.

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