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In this case study, we delve into how TALENTSPOKE supported the investment approach of a prominent Private Equity (PE) firm. By becoming an integral part of the due diligence process, TALENTSPOKE developed a blueprint for success. Leveraging their consultative approach and recruitment engine, TALENTSPOKE crafted and executed accelerated recruitment strategies for their portfolio companies. This unique partnership gave the PE firm a distinct market advantage and provided their portfolio companies with a competitive edge.


TALENTSPOKE supported a PE firm's investment strategy by becoming a key player earlier in their process - supporting due diligence with their talent mapping capabilities and building out the recruitment strategy in advance of the deal closing.

After the deal closed, TALENTSPOKE swiftly put their recruitment engine to work, successfully securing high-quality candidates for 42 roles across the organization.

TALENTSPOKE's unique ability to develop and maintain curated pipelines of vetted candidates improved the organization’s ability to respond to new opportunities and helped fuel future growth.

TALENTSPOKE’s recruitment-as-a-service is ideal For PE firms seeking a transformative recruitment partner and enhanced performance of portfolio companies.

Phase 1 – Due Diligence and Recruitment Planning

When the PE firm discovered the value of TALENTSPOKE’s expertise and advanced talent mapping capabilities, they integrated them into their investment process. Prior to making any investment, TALENTSPOKE was brought in during the due diligence phase to assess the human capital requirements of the target company. Utilizing their talent mapping technology and conducting an in-depth review of the organizational design and talent requirements, TALENTSPOKE crafted a tailored recruitment plan aligned with the strategic growth objectives of the potential portfolio company.

Phase 2 – Accelerated Recruitment Execution

Once an investment decision was made, TALENTSPOKE seamlessly transitioned into Phase 2, executing the recruitment strategy they had previously developed. Leveraging its recruitment engine and curated talent pipelines, TALENTSPOKE quickly identified and onboarded top-tier candidates for key positions within the portfolio company. Whether it was engineers, project managers, customer service, or sales professionals, TALENTSPOKE ensured the right talent was in place to support rapid growth.

The Blueprint for Success

TALENTSPOKE’s talent mapping technology, consultative approach and recruitment engine became a game-changer for the PE firm. By incorporating TALENTSPOKE’s expertise at the outset of their investment evaluations, the firm could accurately assess human capital risks and opportunities, leading to well-informed investment decisions. The seamless execution of accelerated recruitment strategies allowed portfolio companies to fast-track their growth plans with a high-calibre workforce in place.

Results and Impact

In this particular engagement, TALENTSPOKE successfully recruited 42 new employees within the first three months, including various executive roles across Canada, the U.S., and Asia. Additionally, they developed and now maintain curated pipelines of talent for multiple high-volume functional roles, such as engineers, project managers, customer service, corporate development, and sales. The PE firm's strategic partnership with TALENTSPOKE became the cornerstone of its investment success. Every portfolio company benefited from the recruitment engine continuously working to identify and recruit talent for them, gaining a competitive advantage in the market. By leveraging TALENTSPOKE's expertise, the PE firm's investments thrived, and their portfolio companies were well-positioned for rapid and sustained growth.


If you are a forward-thinking PE firm seeking a transformative recruitment partner to drive talent acquisition and talent management success to improve portfolio performance, TALENTSPOKE is your solution. With our consultative expertise, unique search methodology, and advanced technology, we will help you attract top-tier talent, build diverse teams, and ensure your investments achieve the desired growth and success.

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