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Don’t let sub-optimal talent recruitment limit your business growth

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Secure the best – not just the most available candidates.”Post & Pray” isn’t a real strategy

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In fast-scaling companies, every hire is critical

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Hire smarter. Trust a data driven process and a proven methodology

TALENTSPOKE is a next-generation recruitment provider for organizations with recurring recruitment needs for professional and mid-level roles.


TALENTSPOKE combines its advanced platform with a proactive sales process to curate and nurture pipelines of vetted, ready-to-go candidates, ensuring consistently faster and better hires.

Our services

We proactively manage your recruitment process and build curated pipelines of talent so that you have vetted candidates, assessed for technical skills and cultural fit, as soon as you need them.

Learn how we build and vet curated pipelines of talent for organizations with ongoing recruitment needs.

TALENTSPOKE is a fully integrated managed recruitment solution. Our expert consultants leverage innovative technologies to provide a higher level of rigour, benchmarking and data insights – empowering smarter hiring decisions at all levels of an organization, at scale.

Learn how our recruitment engine will help you scale.

Talent Mapping is the strategic process of evaluating, benchmarking, identifying and tracking potential candidates inside and outside the organization to fill your critical roles.

Our TALENTSPOKE Mapping Service empowers organizations with a strong analytic “baseline” which is used to assess and evaluate all future talent. Our comprehensive talent mapping solution leverages predictive analytics to support data-driven decisions.

We identify your talent gaps with objective data and develop your recruitment strategy. Our recruitment engine then goes to work to execute on this recruitment plan.

Schedule a demo to learn how our technology provides talent insights and develops a data-driven recruitment strategy for your organization.

Do you have key executive or senior level search needs? TALENTSPOKE’s parent company, Oxford + Richmond, can help.

How it works

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Rigor + Process

We actively engage and target passive candidates and apply an executive search rigour, process and methodology to recruitment at all professional levels in your organization.

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Our proprietary technology stack democratizes the executive search process, improves client and candidate experiences, elevates evaluation, and offers data-driven insights for smarter hiring decisions

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Expert Recruiters

Technology complements our team of expert recruitment consultants. Our team is entrepreneurial, genuine, professional and seasoned salespeople, passionate about providing an exceptional client and candidate experience.


With an unmatched focus on collaboration, integration and long-term relationships, we provide an industry-leading level of transparency, reporting and service.

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Sales + Marketing

Recruiting top talent demands a strategic sales and marketing approach. Our process is designed with this core principle: targeted recruitment, pipeline development, ongoing pipeline engagement, and proactive selling.

Best fit

Our thorough interview process and suite of validated assessment tools provide deeper candidate insights, and more objective decision-making, reduce bias, and ensure candidates are aligned to match your culture.

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Why TALENTSPOKE is right for you

Talent on demand

Access a curated pool of pre-vetted candidates, whenever you need them.

Technology Personified

Ensure better hiring decisions with a combination of the latest tech and our proven recruitment experts.

Flexibility to the max

Scale your subscription up or down as needed. Our solution offers the greatest flexibility and will always fit your needs.

Best Fit

Align candidates to perfectly match your culture. We’ve got the validated assessment tools.

Active not passive

We proactively promote your brand story and consistently target the right candidates.

Partner Up

We can manage the entire recruitment process. Think of us as an extension of your organization – your outsourced recruitment firm with the tight alignment of an internal team.

Candidate experience

Our advanced system tracks candidate interactions across multiple channels and offers real-time feedback on their engagement and satisfaction.

Data and Reporting

Leverage data to make more informed decisions and reduce bias. Have full transparency to our process with dashboards and reporting.

Let's grow together

Join the innovative organizations that have already experienced recruitment reinvented™ with TALENTSPOKE.