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Our story

We are a team of entrepreneurs. We have built and scaled businesses and award-winning recruitment companies. Collectively we have over 60 years of lived experience building and recruiting teams in everything from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. As a firm, we have successfully completed thousands of searches across virtually every industry.

Leveraging the best process, technology and recruitment consultants, we are on a mission to help companies enhance their competitive advantage by more effectively securing the talent they need across and down their organizations, at scale

The recruitment revelation – Relieving a pain point.

While successfully assisting our clients at the executive level, many clients shared their frustration with how recruitment was being executed at all levels of their organization. The ideal process – the same process and rigour that goes into an executive-level role – was never applied below that level. The reason? Internal resources and external agencies did not have the skillset, expertise, or search methodology to do this properly. They lacked technology, data insights and process automation in order to effectively and cost-efficiently recruit at scale – resulting in an inability to recruit high-calibre talent across the entire organization.

This was our revelation. And it was a problem we knew we could solve.

Enhancing the human connection with technology.

With the emergence of new technology and AI, we seized the opportunity to apply these new advancements to operationalize and democratize our executive search process to bring it to all levels of our clients’ organizations. Something that had not been done before.

Our deep experience in search has consistently underscored the importance of human connection, communication and building trust. We designed our technology solution to complement and enhance the human element – but never replace it!

Recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS) is born.

RaaS was the culmination of those early efforts to meet our clients’ pain points. A cost-effective subscription-based recruitment program that immediately saw great success. We have become a partner and recruitment engine for clients – applying our proven executive search rigour, process and team (once reserved for the C-Suite), to the entire organization. Flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

RaaS quickly became one of O+R’s fastest-growing service offerings.

Introducing TALENTSPOKE.

We launched TALENTSPOKE to embody the way we reinvented recruitment in order to solve the pain points of our clients. Market demand and satisfied clients led us to wrap an entire business around our RaaS offering.

TALENTSPOKE is a next-generation recruitment-as-a-service provider for growing organizations with recurring recruitment needs.

TALENTSPOKE combines its advanced platform with a proactive sales process to curate and nurture pipelines of vetted, ready-to-go candidates, ensuring consistently faster and better hires.

Oxford + Richmond – Our parent company.

TALENTSPOKE was born out of Oxford + Richmond. The combination enables us to meet all of our clients recruitment needs. Oxford + Richmond has solidified its position as a leading retained executive search firm – and remains reserved for organizations with specialized executive-level needs. A single, senior executive in a C-suite role for example. Or organizations that require a sensitive, confidential search mandate. TALENTSPOKE does the rest.

Our history

With over 50+ years of experience and thousands of searches, our knowledge and expertise in assisting hundreds of clients ensures you have the most positive experience possible.



Oxford + Richmond, a next-generation search firm, is launched. It combines the proven search process with technology and a vision to disrupt executive search.


O+R launches Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS), an innovative recruitment offering for fast-growing companies.


Due to its growth and innovation, O+R is recognized with multiple awards, including the Top 10 Emerging Search Firms and the Top 50 Executive Search firms in Canada.


Due to demand, O+R launches a new business, TALENTSPOKE, focused exclusively on democratizing the executive search process and scaling the RaaS model.

Our approach

At TALENTSPOKE, we understand that the talent market is ever-evolving, and traditional recruitment methods no longer work. We take a differentiated approach to recruitment, centered around key principles that drive success in today's dynamic talent landscape.

Recruitment is a Sales and Marketing Process

Effective recruitment is not about posting job ads and sorting through applicants; it’s a strategic sales and marketing process. We have the skillset and tools to engage, attract, and secure top talent – not just those most available.

Proactive Talent Sourcing and Curated Pipelines

The best candidates are not always looking. We uncover hidden gems by employing a proactive approach, and continuously engage and maintain curated pipelines of pre-vetted talent – so you have talent right when you need them.

Candidate Experience and Brand Representation

In today’s highly competitive world, candidate experience and your brand’s reputation are paramount. We prioritize a positive, transparent and authentic candidate journey, continuously reflecting your organization’s values.

Technology as an Enabler, Human-to-Human Interaction as the Core

While our technology streamlines processes, human-to-human interaction remains pivotal in recruiting top talent. Our experienced recruiters ensure a personal touch, understanding candidate motivations and aspirations for the best fit.

Transparency and Trusted Partnerships

As your trusted partner, we proactively communicate through dashboards, reporting, and open collaboration to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Nimble, Open-Minded, and Persistent

This is crucial in a rapidly changing talent landscape. We adapt our strategies, explore new avenues, and maintain unwavering persistence to secure you the right talent at all levels.

Entrepreneurial and Bespoke

No two clients are the same. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and design bespoke solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Rigourous Candidate Evaluation and Cultural Fit

Beyond skills, cultural fit is crucial for long-term success. Our scientifically-validated assessments ensure candidates are thoroughly evaluated for cultural alignment.

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